“Create A Culture Clinic” by Holly Lisle

Could all your characters fit right in at your local mall? Even if you’ve set them in 10th century Italy or modern-day Russia…or on another planet? Need some help giving your characters the diverse backgrounds REAL people have? Need to create religions or philosophies, governments or communities that actually make your story easier to write and your conflicts easier to find?

Pro novelist Holly Lisle walks you through her quick, fun, and practical system for developing cultures that feel real. You’ll learn to create religions, philosophies, governments and lifestyles different from your own to add compelling conflict and an “I want to go there” feel to your stories.

Holly Lisle’s Create A Culture Clinic is a funny, relaxed, and comprehensive start-to-finish course with a step-by-step process that includes worksheets, examples, and how-to advice for writers of every genre, and for every experience level—from absolute beginner with no idea how cultures work, to published pro wanting to add depth and beauty to a book.

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